Ava Cummings

This 360solo tramp had my weiner hard before I had the chance to hit the record button. Ava is a total sex freak, she tells us how she LOVES to eat cooche and boy does she do it well. She is a 22 year old Aquarius who loves to get naked, go to the beach and swim. Ava loves the out doors and likes the freedom of not wearing any clothes and requires to find a guy who will let her get a little beaver on the side. I WANT TO BE THIS SWEETIES NEIGHBOR! Per Ava's request, we shot this vid outside because being naked outside gets her even freakier. In this solo video she rubs baby oil all over her breast and ass. Then she bangs her self with a glass toy. This horny bi-gal puts on one of the best scenes on 360solos. I'm a mess from just thinking about it again!!

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