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Porsche Dali: Continued Interview

Hi Everyone!I wanted to stop by and add some more of my interview with you. I will be on cam tonight at 11pm EST. I hope to see you then :)What is your favorite part/feature of a man’s body? My favorite part on a man is his butt. I love to have something to grab on to and slap!Would you rather fuck a younger guy or an older guy? Why? I do not prefer one over the other. I like them both! Have you always been a BBW?I have not always been a BBW. I was barely 115 pounds when I graduated high school. I gradually gained weight over a 10 year period to become the big beautiful woman I am today. I love being a BBW!What is your favorite part of your body?My favorite parts of my body include my boobs, my butt, and my eyes.Do you enjoy rough sex?I enjoy a little bit of rough sex. I like it best when my hair is being pulled and when I’m being spanked during orgasm.Which hole is your favorite to be f***ed in?I like to be f***ed in my pussy. I have the best orgasms when I am being f***ed in my pussy.Where is your favorite place to put your tongue?My favorite place to put my tongue is all over the shaft of a man’s penis.What is your blowjob technique?I have been told that my best blowjob technique is when I swirl my tongue on the head of a penis while it is still in my mouth.XOXO!Porsche Dali

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