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Tiara Doll: Prohibited Love

Hello, I call thaira doll I am 21 years old and it does a time I maintain a relation with a married type, volume began when I was 13 years old he, he is a cousin of my aunt who is married with my uncle, brother of my mom, when I was always going to house of my aunt it saw it with its wife and daughter, was attracting attention of me, it was inebitable to stop looking at it, but I never thought of taking anything with him. It does a pair of months I contacted it for facebook, we begin to go out and as everything at first was very pretty, I knew perfectly that my relation with him was not well and that if me family or laa about him they were finding out, it was going to finish evil, that did not matter for us and we continue with our relation. On having spent the months, I surrendered to him in body and soul and me to echo to feel woman in all the aspects, there was times that I was feeling that he loved me, but it was demonstrating everything opposite and was doing to me to doubt, anyway … in my relation with him ah had of everything, happy moments, sadnesses, humiliations etc, in spite of that, I continue with him, why for the first time in my life I knew the love and everything thanks to him, I feel that he alone looks for me to have relations, why in several occasions ah mentioned, that, before meeting, he was going to bed with those of its work, but he swears to me and me perjured that to me if me to been ‘believer”, on having spent the months, its wife found out about my existence and comenzarón the calls, threats and all that, but I was calm why she only knew my telephone number, I did not know anything any more of me and that’s why I me was feeling safe and calm. Despúes the empezó to be changed with me, began to do rudely, it was stopping marking me and when it was making it alone was to have sex, I did not like its attitudes and I was moving away a little from him, although they do not believe, wept for him as I never thought to weep for a man and did things that it never imagines to do for a man and less married, as they will be able to see, fell in love with a married man dd 29 years and with 2 , donovan and valentina, each one with its respective mom … Is the date in which I do not know anything about him, but I try to go out forward why I do not want to depend on a man in all the aspects, to be sincere, I am in love madly of him and it is a love by half. My love for the conocía neither the dignity nor the pride, is for it that eh decided to continue with my life and to stop that he continues with its family … but is necessary to add that … She Is the only person quee it was making me touch the sky, without going out of our quarter … LUIS LOVED YOU

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