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Christina Aguchi

Christina is a 20 year old SUPER HOT Asian starlet that hails from LA. WTF?? Hot starlets must grow on trees in California!! This Asian beauty was born and raised in the U.S. Christina loves affection, kissing and the touch of a dude's soft hands flicking all over her hot body. What Christina loves the most is getting her brown star stretched while she rests on her knees. This HOT Asian loves it doggie style!! And on top of it all, Christina is single and looking for a boyfriend (I guess the studs in LA just don't get it). She's 100% natural and loves banging on camera.

Princess Rani: Introduction to Me!

First off, my laptop is broken, which is why I am not online right now, otherwise I totally would be! I think this site is great, it’s a lot of fun and a way to jump into the adult business. Anyway, It’s getting fixed, and I am typing this off of my smartphone. I am princess rani, and a little about me, I’m 20 years old, and in the nursing profession. Medicine is my absolute passion. Although I’ve always had this strange interest in the adult industry as to what all goes into it what the actors are like etc. So, this is my first non-medical occupation/interest. Although I do paint and draw and do henna occasional. I’m hoping to go large with this webcam business, but please be patient with me since I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. I have a wonderful hubby who supports me in everything I do, including this. He actually helped me pick out what pictures I should put on my profile, and hopes I go far in this also! Hes just as excited about it as I am(: Anyway, I don’t have much time for other hobbies in between work and school, so I’ll mostly be on here late at night. Anything else you want to know about me just ask!

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Rick Blake: My Day Today… 10th of March

Today was a great great day!I woke up today late and i went straight to the bathroom.I was a bit sleepy but i had a appointment today with the doctor.Finally the day had arrive i thought.Today was the day that i would get lenses instead of glasses.So anyway, was in the bathroom and i pulled my clothes of and washed myself off mean while i was singing Ed Sheering’s song that is called something like people fall in love in the craziest place na Na na something like that. I began to sing louder cause i was filled with joy because i didn’t wanna wear glasses because that is nerdy.So i went out the bathroom went to my room to change and after i was done i went into the car… I went to the doctor and i had to wait for like an hour because the line was full… So… finally it was m turn and i went inside and i was happy when i said that i didn’t have to wear the glasses but he said that i can only wear lenses of my natural color bla bla bla… He gave a whole speach about something of ur eyes and i didn’t pay attention anymore cause i was mad and disappointing.So he show me to put them on and i went home and tried to not think about the disappointment.But when i signed in to Facebook i received a message from an old friend. He said that he had finally found me on Facebook and i was happy and we spoke on the cam and my day couldn’t be any better…

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