Adam Wills: Packages

Some of my packages have arrived, but not all – the 4k video camera has arrived, the green screen has arrived, the tripod is due in the morning, but the webcam (which I ordered 4 days earlier, oddly enough) has not even shipped yet – Amazon has been saying “preparing for shipment” for 6 days now – and I’m pretty mad about it.Funny story: when I walked in to the bedroom carrying the camera (it’s really small) my SO asked “what’s that?”. After I told her it was a high-def video camera her first response was “let’s make a sex-tape and put it on the Internet!” so I guess that’s what we’re going to do.

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Carmella Lenker: Chain Me Up ;)

Mmmm a man who loves my chains, candles and hitachi. Hmmmm the fun that could be had with him! LOL I did have fun with you boys today, and how nice to meet some new boy toys 😉 Mmmm I look forward to the things you will do to me! Ok, well now to recap our day, in my kind of story, for those of you who may have missed me today: He enters my room and instantly a smile comes across his face. “Well hello beautiful”, he says to me. I smile back and say hello as I admire him. It has been a fantasy of mine to have a sexy black man take control of me, fuck me with his big, thick cock. As I am laying there in my fantasies he says, “get in your chains”. I say nothing and begin to strap myself in. He begins to light the candles as I get into position. I suddenly feel the heat of the wax on my nipples as they instantly become hard. I hear his sexy laugh as I feel his fingers enter my pulsating pussy. I moan and grab the chains, thrusting my hips towards him. I can feel my pussy begin to drip as his thick cock pops out in front of me. “You ready?”, he asks…….. Oh damn, I am more than ready for him!!! 🙂 MUAH!

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Frank Smooth: Tue.

And, here we are on the up side of the hump day of this week.Man, and he just kept on cumming back for more and more and more, three times he cam beck for the reason of cumming and he even stayed after and I am sure I will see him tonight. He came three times playing with my rose bud. He loves when I open it up and he can play with the insides, the red meat of the flower, eating and licking and pounding with his tongue and cock. Wait until tonight! I need to run down town to do my weekly jewelry buys and then home for the after noon siesta and finish up the expense schedules for the corporate return. I am pretty sure that I will be able to complete the schedules and then I will need to total them. I hope to be in my room by nine tonight and maybe even do a post mid night show. Oh, I need to double check my schedule and confirm that it is Dinner tomorrow that I am on. Yes tomorrow at three thirty which is excellent. Early in and early out so that I will be able to cum in my room again tomorrow night.

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Tai Bronzebuilt: Back on Here More Than Ever

It’s another new month of the year and it’s time for a change. I have been out of to work for about a month and I got the feeling that I have been laid off. So that sign tells me to move on to the next gig, which is the networking thing. I have not been on here for a while and just now getting started again, but now more than before and I appreciate you all for being good and flirty and love to show you more and support me to achieve my goals so you will all know what I’m about and what I can lead you all too. It’s gonna be a slow start, but things will soon pick up after a while and will thank you all for your patience as I adjust and get things going here. I cannot wait to get into action, reach my personal goals, buy new sex toys, sex games, and sexy gear so you all can really have a lot of private shows, party/group chats, phone flirts and other things from mild to wild that will be going on endlessly. Also, I look forward for yall to join my fanclub as I am setting it up for business. I hope to get my own apartment so new height would be reached and new fulfillments be met. I am so excited that this is gonna be a great experience and more smiles will be satisfied and love to do more for you all to cum back for more. Well, let’s get it on and move forward with tons of good times and vibes.

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Brent Duke: Hello

hey guys ben quiet a while since my last blog but not since i was doing shows, seems im doing more shows then blogs, hope you are all im good no compliants as they say, very stormy weather here tonight in ireland, and duke my dog dont like it one bit, he barks every time the wind howls, but those of you that were in my room tonight already know that as he was barking non stop tonight during my visit to the site, even a few times during my private shows, i just wish at times i could mute him the same way i can mute sound on a computer, just press a button and silence lol would be great lol. i know thats cruel lol. but not fun when your in the middle of a show and you have to yell at duke to tell him stop barking, SORRRY TO THE GUY IN PRIVATE I HAD TO DO THAT TO, you know who you are, i know who you are, and im really sorry,, i am logging on again very soon, within the next hour or so, just gona take duke for a walk, its not 04,15am so will be back online by 5am, for another hour or so, gona try and get alot more shows for maybe one or two hours at a time here and there between now and the end of the month, so you will alot more of me and alot more blogging, also alot more tweets coming to a twitter near you, so stay tuned for up[dates times ect,until then,love huggs and kisses to allfrom brent dukeireland.xxxxxxxx

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Porsche Dali: Continued Interview

Hi Everyone!I wanted to stop by and add some more of my interview with you. I will be on cam tonight at 11pm EST. I hope to see you then :)What is your favorite part/feature of a man’s body? My favorite part on a man is his butt. I love to have something to grab on to and slap!Would you rather fuck a younger guy or an older guy? Why? I do not prefer one over the other. I like them both! Have you always been a BBW?I have not always been a BBW. I was barely 115 pounds when I graduated high school. I gradually gained weight over a 10 year period to become the big beautiful woman I am today. I love being a BBW!What is your favorite part of your body?My favorite parts of my body include my boobs, my butt, and my eyes.Do you enjoy rough sex?I enjoy a little bit of rough sex. I like it best when my hair is being pulled and when I’m being spanked during orgasm.Which hole is your favorite to be f***ed in?I like to be f***ed in my pussy. I have the best orgasms when I am being f***ed in my pussy.Where is your favorite place to put your tongue?My favorite place to put my tongue is all over the shaft of a man’s penis.What is your blowjob technique?I have been told that my best blowjob technique is when I swirl my tongue on the head of a penis while it is still in my mouth.XOXO!Porsche Dali

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Ellie Foxx: “i Am the God of Tits and Wine!” -tyrion Lannister

Between scheduling photoshoots, typing out my whole profile, figuring out what my next cosplay will be, building my website for you guys, and marathoning season 4 of GoT it’s been somewhat of a crazy week. But it will all be worth it. I decided my next cosplay will be Black Cat. I’ve always loved her. She’s such a sexy badass! It will be expensive to acquire all the parts I need, but most of them I’ve saved on my Wishlist. The most important I think will be purchasing the white boots and a long sleeved CatSuit with a zipper down the front. I’m hoping to attach snaps at the collar so I can convert it to a Black Widow cosplay later.The photoshoot for my Black Cat cosplay is something I’m excited for as well. I know exactly where I’m going to do it. I only hope I can borrow the grey and blue gels from the college theater department. But you will just have to wait and see what I have planned. ;)I made a list of the cosplays that I want to do. I hope you’ll take a look and help me out acquiring the pieces I need. Some of them I will end up crafting by hand. I’m so excited to be able to share my sexy cosplays with you all!

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